Ever since i started playing dungeons and dragons i’ve been in love with it. At heart i am a dungeon master, but i also really enjoy being a player and just diving deep into that immersion.

Goals of this Blog

I hope that my blog helps you to tell a better story in your Pen & Paper / Tabletop RPG game. But it’s not just all about the in-game world, it’s also about the people that play in said world, often more so than about the fictional characters.

In my opinion the journey to grow as a player, dungeon master and overall as a person never ends. Everything you experience and learn eventually leads to a better self.

I try to keep my posts as system neutral as possible, but i will often use examples from the one game i play myself and thats D&D 5th Edition.

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Keep in mind: Everything i write about here is my own opinion, everybody has one of those. But i’m not really protective of mine, whenever you don’t agree with it, i would love to have a constructive conversation about that.